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Cookies and Swiftill

Cookies are snippets of information stored on your computer by a Web server. Although they can in principle be used to store any information, they are most commonly used to store a unique code identifying you to the server as you move between pages on the site. This is how Swiftill uses cookies.

Obviously there are different uses to which this information could be put. It could, for example, be used to track your progress through a Web site; many people regard this as an invasion of privacy and turn cookies off on their browser as a result. On the Swiftill site, however, cookies are used simply ######CONTENT HERE######.

Rejecting cookies in Swiftill

The upshot of this is that if you reject cookies on the Swiftill site, you will ######CONTENT HERE######- hopefully this strikes you as a reasonable course of action.

On most browsers, you can set the browser to warn you before accepting cookies. This is fine - there's no need to change this setting - but when you first arrive at the site you'll probably see a dialog box like the one below, asking if you want to accept the cookie:

Netscape Navigator cookie query box

You should click on 'OK' or the equivalent to accept the cookie. You'll only need to do this a maximum of twice (the Swiftill site sets a second cookie later which is only ever sent over secure connections).

On Microsoft Internet Explorer 4 it is possible to turn cookies off completely (there may be other browsers on which this is possible, but I don't know of any). Obviously, this means that you'll get nowhere on the Swiftill site so, at least while you browse the site, you'll have to turn them back on again. You do this by choosing 'Options...' from the 'View' menu and switching to the 'Advanced' tab as shown in the screen shot below:

MSIE 4 options box with cookies disabled

The screen shot shows cookies disabled. While browsing the Swiftill site, you should at least change this to 'Prompt before accepting cookies'.

If your browser does not support cookies at all then you can't access Swiftill. However, any browser that doesn't support cookies is also unlikely to support secure transactions, and secure transaction support is obviously vital for connecting to Swiftill.


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